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Colorbond Launch

Colorbond Launch - September 26, 2013 at 12:56 PM


Supply of next generation COLORBOND® steel (AM100)# from BlueScope Steel will commence in July/August 2013. This will be the start of the transition from COLORBOND® steel (AZ150) to next generation COLORBOND® steel (AM100)#.
Original COLORBOND® steel is protected by an alloy coating of zinc and aluminium. Next generation COLORBOND® steel (AM100) introduces magnesium into the zinc-aluminium coating to improve galvanic protection by 'activating'
the aluminium. The result is more efficient and more effective corrosion resistance compared to original COLORBOND® steel.


Improvements in our paint technology have increased the ability of next generation COLORBOND® steel to hold its gloss levels for longer than original COLORBOND® steel, which means that the next generation COLORBOND® steel looks newer for longer. This is
an evolution of our paint systems and builds upon the many improvements we have already made to ensure we are best in class. The paint system will also continue to have Thermatech®, except for Night Sky®..


To ensure that COLORBOND® steel maintains a leadership position in the exterior colour space, a detailed audit was completed in market whereby the existing range as well as 10 potentialnew colours were tested. The result is a palette that has grown from 20 to 22 colours. This is made up of:
– 6 new colours,
– return of Night Sky® to the standard offer, and
– retirement of 5 colours to the secondary offer – Loft®, Headland®, Bushland®, Wilderness®, Sandbank®.


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