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Legislation Update

Legislation Update - March 04, 2014 at 1:52 PM


From March 2014, Main Roads of Western Australia will introduce Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012-

The bill is primarily concerned with the safe and legal use of our road and traffic network and introduces a concept called the ‘Chain of Responsibility’.

Traditionally the driver of a vehicle has been solely held accountable for the roadworthiness of their vehicle, the safety of their load he carries and compliance with speed limits.

The bill recognises that is often unrealistic to hold a driver solely accountable as other individuals involved with their vehicle, their load or their journey may have, through their actions (or inactions) caused the driver to commit an offence.

 This extended accountability is called the ‘Chain of Responsibility’ -  Control = Responsibility = Legal Liability

What does this mean to you, as a customer of Midalia Steel?

You have already recognised that a strong culture of safety exists within Midalia Steel.  Our requirement exist to keep you, the people around you and our staff safe.

It will be business as usual for Midalia Steel, once the new legislation has been introduced as many of our safety initiatives already meet the requirements set out in the bill.  The only difference will be that these safety initiatives will be carried out, not only for reasons of safety, but because we are now legally required to.

We therefore ask for your continued patience and understanding.  We appreciate that wearing protective equipment and not being able to load your own vehicle may appear to be an inconvenience but ultimately it is your safety and our collective compliance to the bill that is of paramount concern to us.

The legislation will take effect in WA March 2014 and will apply to all vehicles regardless of size.

For more information about the 'Chain of Responsibility Legislation' please click on the link below


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