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Stocktake Closures

Stocktake Closures - May 02, 2013 at 2:43 PM


Sometimes our branches need to close for stocktake ...  were not thrilled about about it either! 

Counting steel isnt really a fun job but it's got to be done and so from time to time we may need to close a branch while we get this done.

Stocktaking doesnt take long but during this time our system is locked for maintenance so our inventory can be audited. The branch will be unavailable on the day but we try our best to get back up and running as fast as possible. 

Please see the following guidelines about our Stocktake processes:

  • Where possible, Stocktakes will take place on a Friday's (to minimise disruption)
  • The branch will be closed for business on the day of Stocktake
  • Deliveries for 'stock' orders that are taken the day before will be delivered as per usual. This does may not include 'buy-in' items.
  • No orders will be taken on the day
  • No Pick-ups on the day
  • The branch will contact you the day before stocktake to make arrangements if delivery cannot be made on the day, where applicable. 

We'll always try to keep you up-to-date about when our Stocktakes are happening so you dont get caught without your steel. You can now view our Stocktake dates in our Event Calendar - Click here  Or hear it directly from Bruce The Dog on our live Facebook and Twitter feeds (you can see that on the home page too).

We'll never have more than 1 branch Stocktaking on any given day so you can always trust that there's another branch around the corner to help you in a steel emergency. Check out all our locations here. 

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