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DIY Guides

Midalia Steel is your partner in DIY

That's why we've come up with this series of handy reference guides to provide you with some information about the basics of building with steel.

We hope they're useful, however please remember, if in doubt get the expert advice of a tradesperson or building engineer and always ensure that you have the relevant local Council approvals before you start work.


Regardless of what you intend to build or where you intend it, it is absolutely critical that all necessary building approvals are first obtained from your local Council or Shire. This applies just as much to the smallest shed, as it does to the largest building.

The first step on the road to doing this is to prevent the local building authority...

pdf_icon.png How To Do It Yourself Manual

Midalia steel now offer a great range of safety gear to help keep you safe when you're on the job...

pdf_icon.png Download Safety Product information

Oz Profile Information (Flats, Angles & Channels with Duragal® Platinum® Coating)

pdf_icon.png Download Oz Profile Information

DuraGal Easy Welding Guide

pdf_icon.png Download DuraGal Easy Welding Guide

DuraGal Easy Painting & Corrosion Protection Guide

pdf_icon.png Download DuraGal Easy Painting & Corrosion Protection Guide

OZLintel Span Tables WA

pdf_icon.png Download OZLintel Span Tables WA

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