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    Glen Manolas

    As part of an overall renovation I took on making the fence panels, entry and automatic sliding gate myself. All materials and gate parts including track and motor where available from Midalia.

    After looking at several options I decided the most economical and easiest way to construct was by using DuraGal Clear RHS and DuraGal Ultra Flats & Channel. Using these products and silicon bronze MIG wire I was able to weld the pre-galvanised material and minimize the gal burn off (Silicon Bronze wire uses less heat in the welding process). This meant welds only had to be wire brush cleaned and coated with cold gal spray.

    Originally we were going to powder coat the gates and chose DuraGal Clear & Ultra products as they have a special protective coating that can be painted directly onto to the surface (Other RHS products have oil or polymer that have to be cleaned or stripped off). In the end however we liked the gal finish and decided to go with that as we could always paint at a later time.

    The best part of our project was that
    – We didn’t need to transport the sliding gate and fence panels to Galvanisers and powder coaters.
    – No need to clean oil or use solvent to strip polymer coating from std gal products.
    – DuraGal had a thicker gal coating as std and is Australian made
    – Silicon bronze wire for MIG was easy to use and allow for easy Gal repair
    – The materials were stocked items from Midalia and they could supply all the other bits too including welding wire, gate rollers, cold gal weld repair, tracks, motor, hinges for entry gate etc.

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